Benefits For Parents

Why Bloom is right for your whole family

Bloom offers a banking app that gives you the tools to teach your kids about financial responsibility. Manage their accounts, instantly send money, empower them with their own Bloom Debit Card, learn together — all without monthly subscription fees.

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Simple banking

Send and receive money instantly, spend with Apple Pay and Google Pay, track your card balance and manage your money with ease from the Bloom App.

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Instantly send and receive money

Add money to your teen’s account for chores, allowances or emergencies within seconds. Securely link your existing bank account or debit card to make sure they always have funds.

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No monthly fees

Bloom is built so we don’t have to charge you fees. There are no monthly, overdraft, in-network ATM or late fees and no minimum balance required.

Say goodbye to cash

Bloom gives you visibility into their spending and helps teach good spending habits. Never have to run to an ATM to get cash for your teen.

Build positive credit

Help kickstart their financial future by building credit early. The Bloom MasterCard lets you securely spend
with the benefit of building positive credit.

Learn about money as a family

Open a free Parent Managed Account to start teaching your kids about smart spending and saving. Determine how much money they can access and monitor their Bloom Debit Card purchases in real-time. You decide when they’re ready to manage their account from their own device.

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