Money Bloom is the loved, trusted banking app and prepaid card for kids and teens.Parents set flexible controls and get real-time notifications of their kids’ money activity. Money Bloom offers instant transfers, zero fees, multiple rewards, and much more.

Empower Your Kids To Spend Responsibly

With Bloom prepaid card and app, kids learn how to budget, and grow to understand the difference between wants and needs by spending wisely.

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  • Chores? Covered

    Connect Chores to Benefits on Bloom Card

  • A Card of Their Own

    Full Card Customization for your kids

  • Automation, Automation.

    Create an automated Allowance

  • Stay On Top of Things

    Real-Time Notification with every Transaction

  • Never Left Hanging

    You can add fund on the spot, from Anywhere

Our mission is to make youth financially responsible

Parents say their kids are more money confident since joining Bloom

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The financial app that grows with you

Start building healthy saving and spending habits as early as 6 years old. Kids can get a head start on their financial future with parental oversight, teens can develop financial independence, and parents can have peace of mind – all with one app.

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Kids Will Learn Saving for their goals

Watch your kids’ excitement as they see their savings increase over time. Nothing beats their growing self-confidence as they learn the importance of savings and money.

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  • Your money is safely protected and not at risk

  • Pre-paid ‘top-up’ card with no risk of debt or overdraft

  • Real-time spending notifications

  • Bloom blocks unsafe spending categories

  • Passcode and facial recognition

  • PIN-protected transactions

  • Secure PIN recovery in the app

  • Bank-level encryption

  • Reliable card replacement

  • Easily block and unblock cards

No fees!

Bloom is built so we don’t have to charge you fees. There are no monthly, overdraft, debit card or late fees and no minimum balance is required.

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How much is a Bloom card?

Unlike other banking entities, we at Money Bloom do not charge any monthly fees, late fees, Debit card fees, transfer fees. Plus no minimum balance is required.

A prepaid card and an app for the whole family to earn, save, spend and learn. All for just a single payment of JOD 21 per child.

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